Just like all maritime and port cities, Livorno has so many wonders and small secrets that are hidden away and that we want to tell you about:

The Venice District (Quartiere Venezia) will captivate you with its uniquely fascinating sixteenth-century mansions that you will able to explore by taking a tour on a boat or a walk along the banks of the canals. If you linger on into to the evening, you will be able to enjoy the delights of the local restaurants and after-dinner venues, scattered between the bridges and squares along the “canal’s edge”

The presence of many canals and the consequential need to build foundations on the water, applying techniques imported directly from the Venetian lagoon, led to the district being named La Venezia .

Another suggestion might be to take a stroll along the seafront to take in the historic Naval Academy, the dozens of Liberty-style villas and the equally famous Terrazza Mascagni, once the setting for open-air concerts and performances. The Terrazza Mascagni takes the form of a large square enclosed by a winding balustrade that is made up of 4,100 elegant concrete columns close to the sea; the floor consists of an 8700 m2 chessboard made out of 34,800 small black and white tiles. Completed in 1928, it was originally called “Terrazza Ciano” and after the events of 1943 it was dedicated to Pietro Mascagni.

TheGazebo, that was used for musical concerts, was build in 1935. It was recently fully restored to its original model and will offer a romantic and charming view of the sea. Terrazza Mascagni Inside the Terrazza Mascagni your children too can have by visiting Livorno’s aquarium with you

If you want to get away from the city, you can drive off in the direction of the hills ofMontenero , where we would highly recommend a visit to the famous Sanctuary of the Madonna of Montenero, perched on a hill overlooking the sea and the port of Leghorn. The origins of the shrine, dedicated to Our Lady of Grace, date back to May 15, 1345, and it is one of the most popular places Tuscany. Tradition has it that during the feast of Pentecost a poor crippled shepherd found the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary; following his instinct he took it onto the hill of Montenero, which was then known for being a hideaway for bandits and was therefore considered to be dark and sinister …i.e. the “mountain of the devil.” The interior of the church is truly evocative and moving. The walls of galleries are totally lined with paintings of votive offerings, some even painted in centuries past.

There is more than this to Leghorn … the rest is up to you to discover!